Such a busy time …

We haven’t visited our honey hole and our yard sales are very bare bones! It’s almost summer and I have an idea that the best yard sales are coming after summer. Come on Sacramento!

I think it’s a sign that we need to keep on listing through June and manage our time for our personal finances, fitness, and get back into the groove.

This last weekend, I was picked up a Bissel Spot Clean Vacuum for $30 (used 1x!), a vintage lace dress with slip (super whimsical), 4 HP ink Cartridges (All 2016/2017, SCORE!), and a pair of Pilcro and The Letterpress jeans for $4. At this point, I’m going to chalk a majority of this as personal buys, i just couldn’t resist.

Anyway, we finally put up our wire shelving to hold our clothing inventory bins and will start migrating them downstairs from our spare bedroom. The only thing i’m not looking forward to is sorting through and combing any stale inventory and decide if i’ll recycle, re-shoot, thred-up, or use it as an excuse to take it downtown to FreeStyle Clothing Express. I have a bunch of summer clothes that aren’t selling for me on Ebay but they’re super cute and I don’t want to let go just yet.

This weekend might be another weekend that we’re not sourcing so looking forward to getting our process locked down!