Just stopping by…

Hello World!

Just wanted to revisit my goals

  • Get up to 1000 listings by end of November –> we reached 917 listings by December
    • upon further evaluation, we put 200 on auction to end most listings that were under $5.00
  • Source at Goodwill Outlet at least 1x by end of the month
    • We totally touched the Goodwill outlet in Escondido — Scored a bag of vintage cabbage patch dolls for $15
  • Get my affairs in order i.e. budgeting, expenses, and bookkeeping
    • Invested in godaddy.com and MyCostPro
      • Godaddy – went with this so I could see the whole picture
      • MyCostPro – this is a nifty spreadsheet that we found on ebay and it has been a timesaver! If you’re looking to track your cost spent on an item – which godaddy doesn’t have – this works for my purposes. Plus i love that it pulls SKUs so I can see clearly what needs attention
  • Send in 1-2 FBA shipments to Amazon
    • Totally lagged on this but I HAVE accumulated enough to send 2 boxes so *technically* i’m there just need to pack, weigh and ship it
  • buy a MacBook by end of year
    • yeah, no. this will definitely happen this year 🙂
  • Re-focus this blog’s premise so that it’s chock more full of information than my personal blog –> Working on it!

BF has put himself out there on poshmark and is getting the bug. He got his first sale with a vintage VW bug sweater which was awesome! He now tries to make it a game to follow and share items.

This week, I have made it a point to listen to more podcasts (i.e love listening to So You want to sell on ebay  & Scavenger Life) as well as learning more about Amazon.

Merch is another venture that we have on our table. We’ve reached Tier 25 and it’s been a great side hustle!