Someone dear to me had this mantra “Chase the dream, forget the scenery” and I try to honor her memory with as much appreciation for life that I finally realized that my passion was always waiting for me to give it the forefront. I am part thrifter, flipper, a dash of couponer, and entrepreneur. My ultimate goal in life is to find happiness with my choices and seriously just have fun with what I do. By day, I am an office manager for an IT/Engineer Staffing company, by night I am a reseller.

I have been selling on ebay since September 2016 and on/off poshmark since 2011 on a whim. With reselling on several platforms, I’ve gained a bunch of knowledge from soaking in every possible thing I can learn about reselling. Amazon FBA is a side project that I hope I will have more time to spend on (and money!) If you are new to eBay reselling, there are TONS of free resources all over the web. If you have a natural affinity to finding unique or collectible items below fair market value, there is opportunity to resell it to someone who may be looking for that specific item. From the buyer perspective, this market is

This blog is mainly to express my finds, my lessons learned, explore what I love doing which is thrifting + reselling, and a project to track my progress of working off debt & saving money. Follow me on the thrill of the hunt and I hope you love to hunt for treasures as much as I do!


Bitten by the thrift bug,


Your future starts the day you take action and manifest your dreams into reality.  

p.s. here are some random facts about me:


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I love books, odds and ends, kitsch, and high quality clothing – let’s just say an overall eclectic  curiosity for everything. The boyfriend on the other hand has a photographic memory and if you tell him to remember something to find, it’s like a never ending scavenger hunt for him. My favorite part of flipping is getting my hands all over history and learning everything I can about a piece or item I would otherwise not have had the opportunity.

I am a proud fur mama of this sweetie-pie named Kahlua who goes by several other names such as Bear, Lulu, Jebediah, Kahlouie, Stinky, Booboo, and babygirl. High five to all my fellow pitbull lovers! Everything from french bulldogs, staffordshire terriers, american pitbulls, and mixes are my favorite breeds but I am a huge animal lover and advocate for the bully breed.

Love me some pitbull kisses!
Kahlua the Pitbull

Thrift stores, yard sales, estates sales, and swap meets are my JAM!

My favorite quote for this business

FEAR has two meanings:

Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything and Rise

Zig Ziglar