Welcome to the Hustler Life

The past few months have been a flurry! July was a hard time for us personally and honestly I had lost my fervor in the business.

My mom had a stroke in July and I have learned so much about the condition and done so much research that I am a close to becoming a self-taught therapist and nurse. One thing that I learned about strokes is that there are so many people affected by it that we as a community don’t really know how to deal with stroke survivors or even how to make sure these people get the care and resources they need to continue living. It’s a sad fate and I am at a point tired of hearing that families are lucky when they have their family advocates fighting for their loved ones. It’s a sad situation it is … Anyway, back to the main topic at hand …

The opportunity to grow our reselling business took a short break between July – August but it ignited an enthusiasm in Mister that he has actually took the bull by the horns and has owned the process. Literally owned it. Pretty much showed me up in my organizational and listing skills.

I’m still sourcing just as much but he’s shown up to the table with learning the little techniques to create a listing and make it better. He’s already turned around a few of my old listings, tweaked them, and they would sell pretty quickly. Let’s just say he was surprised at himself that just a little research and legwork actually works.

One thing that did happen is we went below average – yikeS!

It was of course a dispute with one of the returns (that I prodded Mister to just refund and forget) and they closed in buyer’s favor. He’s been working his butt off since our last review of August 20th, and I think we’ll be back in above average by 11/20, especially with all the little sales we’ve been getting here and there.

Being below average in a nutshell a nightmare when you’re a small time reseller but it really gets you in gear to get your metrics back up.

Anyway, just wanted to check in and make a note to myself about a few goals we have for the rest of Q4:

  • Get up to 1000 listings by end of November
  • Source at Goodwill Outlet at least 1x by end of the month
  • Get my affairs in order i.e. budgeting, expenses, and bookkeeping
  • Send in 1-2 FBA shipments to Amazon
  • buy a MacBook by end of year
  • Re-focus this blog’s premise so that it’s chock more full of information than my personal blog