Favorite March Sales & Finds

Here are some of my favorite sales from March:

tazo cup
Tazo Pistachio Green Mug Cup

Paid $0.25 and Sold for $19.99 after 13 days listed

maid rite
Vintage Maid-Rite Washboard

Paid $5.00 and sold for $20.00 after 14 days listed

Starbucks Bearista Easter Bunny

Paid $5.00 for a box of random plush ($0.14 for this item) and sold for $6.50 after 3 days

*The bearista was one of my favorite finds because we were in San Jose, Ca for a FOL sale and decided to check out yard sales in the area. We came across a yard sale of a guy who was selling all the knick knacks and small stuff he acquired from a storage unit auction. Good for him, better for me! This box had all this plush stuff new with tags! Could NOT resist it. Anything else that sells from this box is all profit.

And here are some of my favorite finds for the Month of March:

  • Lot of 6 Vintage Leather Coach Bags (See IG for my haul)
  • Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Button Up Shirt (Sold 4 days after listing)
  • Scene-It – Friends – New In packaging $4.98 at Eco-Thrift (Can’t decide if i’ll FBA or Ebay list it)
  • Bunch of Brooks Brothers & Vineyard Vines Men’s dress shirts from a Goodwill in SF

Happy thrifting!


Thrifty Misty