Hello World!

Thrifting has been one of my learned hobbies since a young age and I have so many fond memories of being a thrifty seeker. There is a misconception sometimes of what it means to be a thrifter and I hope to share my passion with others about what I love about thrifting and ultimately flipping.

I’ve gotten my boyfriend loving the thrill of the hunt and ¬†found we’ve bonded over a hidden strength that I brought out of him. We both love to shop but even more so just identifying the cool, kitsch, and unique items that speak to both of our interests and hobbies. I cannot express how satisfying it is to thrift and work towards our personal goals from personal development and financial health.

Here are a few things I hope to accomplish with my writing:

  • hold myself accountable to my goals
  • my tips and experiences with online re-selling
  • share my excitement of our hauls, deals, and whatever else comes along

Please feel free to follow us on our journey of thrifting and flipping!


Thrifty Misty